Basic Legal Preparedness – Getting Started


As is well documented on MSB, preparedness can take many forms: food, water, sanitation, defense, fire (heat), medical, bugging out, getting home, going off grid, and much, much more.

However there is another type of preparedness that should also be on the radar screen:

Legal preparednessWhat follows here is not legal advice, nor is it remotely intended as such. Rather it is a general treatment of the topic.

What do I mean by the term “Legal Preparedness”? It refers to the things you can do that are within your control NOW that can affect how the future may play out as far as you and your family as members of society go, as well as your “stuff” – your real and personal property. In other words, you can act now to be better legally prepared to face whatever life throws at you.

Some of these things are just common sense, although they have a legal impact.

Think of three big questions:

– Who am I?
– What is my stuff?
– What do I want done? (With my health and my stuff)

It’s not good enough to simply have answers to these questions. To be legally prepared means you must be able to PROVE these things to third parties, whether they be a judge, a nurse at the emergency room, a cop who has closed off a section of road your house sits on, or a thousand other scenarios.

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